Thassos Island

Welcome to the beautiful island of Thassos, the green diamond of the Aegean, a harmony of azure seas and a lofty green mountain, olive groves, secluded coves, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, picturesque villages and entertaining night life.
With an area of 380,1 km² Thassos is the twelfth biggest island in Greece. It has a rich history and archaeological finds are scattered throughout its land. Thassos is the northernmost island in the Thracian Bay, 6,7 km from the cape of Keramoti and in proximity to the estuary where Mesta river pours into the Aegean Sea. The big seaport of Kavala situated in the Bay of Kavala is around 22 kilometers west of Thassos. The circumference of the island is approximately 100 km. The main transport hubs linking Thassos to continental Greece are the ports of Limenas (Thassos) and Skala Prinou.

Koinira is a small, yet enchanting village on the beautiful eastern coast of Thassos, 22 km southeast of the port of Limenas. It is situated in a quiet setting with amazing landscapes grasping the hearts of visitors who keep coming back to enjoy the spectacular sights. Straight across lies the island of Koinira, adding a finishing touch to the breathtaking view with its steep cliffs and dense pine forests.

The port of Limenas is 20 kilometers away.
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